Conductress Cindy Schrijvers

Cindy Schrijvers (°1978, Beringen) was bitten by the musical microbe at the age of eight. At first she joined the percussion section in the concert band of Paal, but later became facinated by the flute. At the Lemmens Institute in Leuven, she studied flute with Roland Vanden Berghe. She attained the title of master in music and a teaching diploma, after which she specialised in the flute and chamber music with Philippe Benoit.

As a teacher in flute and music fundamentals, she is tied to StAPwest ("Stedelijke Academie voor Podiumkunsten Westhoek", Civic Academy for the Performing Arts Westhoek) in Veurne, Nieuwpoort and Koksijde. As flautist she has experience with productions of the "Vlaams Muziek Theater" (Flemish Music Theatre, operettas), in operas (Die Zauberflöte), musicals (Peter Pan, Honk!,...) and multiple symphonic and parlour orchestras, and concert bands.

Conductress Cindy Schrijvers


25 year Nieuwpoort Concert Band

The birth of the Nieuwpoort Concert Band

The Nieuwpoort Concert Band was founded in 1985 by Tonny Osaer and was conducted by him until 2003. Starting from February 2003, Johan Ferlin followed in his footsteps.

In January 2006, Cindy Schrijvers took the lead of the orchestra. She showed herself to be a very dynamic conductor, focused on musicality. Besides that, she prioritises the joy of playing music as a group.

For over twenty years, the orchestra strives for more recognition and appreciation for the orchestra. The mostly young group of musicians loves a varied repertoire. Besides original works for concert band there is room for arrangements of soundtracks, jazz, pop and classical music.

A guest at home and abroad

The Nieuwpoort Concert Band does not only stick to the coast to play concerts.
The concert band played on different stages in Flanders and is an honoured guest abroad.
As musical ambassador the Nieuwpoort Concert Band played in:

  • Armentières (F)
  • Capelle-la-Grande (F)
  • Dudenhofen (D)
  • Gent
  • Gravelingen (F)
  • Hamme
  • Hoogstraten
  • Middelburg (NL)
  • Nieuwpoort-aan-de-Lek (NL)
  • Peer
  • Schiplaken
  • Sint-Niklaas
  • Temse